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1. Scope of Application

These terms and conditions (AGBs) of MM Microsoldering Solutions e.U. apply to all repairs, maintenance, or inspections in the version valid at the time of the device handover to us.

2. Exclusivity of Conditions

The repair conditions apply exclusively unless expressly agreed otherwise.

3. Repair Order

The repair order must be completed, accurate, and legible, and must be signed. It is then sent together with the respective device to the service company. Any expenses and costs arising from incorrect information are at your expense.

4. Cost Estimate and Device Inspection

The creation of a cost estimate and the device inspection conducted for this purpose are chargeable for both entrepreneurs and consumer customers. Consumers are verbally informed of the cost by an employee of MM Microsoldering Solutions e.U. and in writing through a notice in the business premises. If the repair is subsequently commissioned, the amount for the cost estimate is deducted from the repair price.

5. Costs for Cost Estimates

A cost estimate is chargeable and is billed at €29, including 20% VAT. The amount is offset against the repair price if the repair order is issued.

6. Note on Warranty Loss

MM Microsoldering Solutions e.U. points out that as part of creating a cost estimate, device inspection, and/or repair, interventions in the device may be necessary, leading to the loss of the manufacturer's warranty.

7. General Terms and Conditions

The repair is carried out based on our general terms and conditions, which you accept by signing the order. These are displayed in our business premises.

8. Insufficient Error Description

If the error description is insufficient, we are entitled to perform all objectively justified work necessary for the proper restoration of the device's functionality.

9. Data Loss During Inspection, Repair, or Maintenance

We inform you that during the inspection, repair, or maintenance of devices storing data or programs (e.g., mobile phones, notebooks, tablets, etc.), there is a possibility of data or program loss or damage. Therefore, we strongly recommend backing up all data and programs on another storage medium (data backup) before handing over such devices for inspection, repair, or maintenance. If you fail to perform such data backup, MM Microsoldering Solutions e.U. is not liable for damages to or loss of data and programs due to slight negligence. After completing the repair/maintenance, it is your responsibility to reload secured data onto the device. If devices are password-protected, please delete them or inform us before the repair begins.

10. Deadlines and Pickup and Return

We will inform you by SMS, email, or call about the success of the repair. If spare parts or software are not available, the repair time may be extended. If devices are not picked up within 3 months after our call or SMS, MM Microsoldering Solutions e.U. is entitled to sell the device elsewhere to cover costs. If your phone number changes during the repair period, please inform us in writing via email or SMS, including the repair number. We call landline numbers without voicemail only once. The cost of return shipping is not included in the price, and resending in case of a complaint is not included.

11. Complaints and Warranty

Repairs of any kind must be immediately inspected by you upon handover of the repaired device. Subsequent complaints about cracks, breaks, damaged USB, etc., will not be acknowledged by us. If a repair service by MM Microsoldering Solutions e.U. has a defect, the customer can request rectification within 90 days. Rectification is at the discretion of MM Microsoldering Solutions e.U. through defect removal or the creation of a new work. Operational errors, damage due to improper use, storage, or third-party interventions are not covered by the warranty. Data cards and SIM cards must be removed by the customer, and no liability is assumed for them. Cases and protective covers are to be removed. Boxes and packaging should not be submitted or sent.

12. Water Damage Case

Attention: In case of water damage! Devices where we detect moisture during the repair will not receive a warranty from us. There is no liability for data loss or device functionality. We undertake to repair the damage to the extent possible and inform you. A photo of the relevant area is sufficient for documentation.

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