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Motherboard Repairs

Experienced Experts for iPhone, iPad, Smartphones, MacBooks, and Gaming Consoles!

Comprehensive Motherboard Repair Services

Welcome to our specialized motherboard repair service, where we bring expert solutions to a wide range of electronic devices. Our expertise spans across smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, notebooks, MacBooks, and graphic cards, ensuring that no matter the device, we have the skills to fix it. But our capabilities don’t stop there; we also repair motherboards in car key boards, smart TV CPU boards, and many other specialized electronic devices. If you're dealing with a unique or particularly challenging motherboard issue, we encourage you to contact us beforehand to ensure we can accommodate your repair needs.

Our Detailed Repair Approach

Rather than simply replacing the entire motherboard, which can be both costly and less eco-friendly, our approach focuses on identifying and repairing or replacing the individual faulty components. Our workshop is equipped with advanced diagnostic tools and a comprehensive microsoldering bench, enabling us to work on both surface-mounted devices (SMD) and through-hole technology (THT) components. Our specialization in microsoldering allows us to meticulously replace any component on any board, offering a targeted and efficient solution to your device's issues.


Understanding the cost of repairs is crucial for our customers, which is why we begin each service with a detailed quotation. This step ensures you are fully informed about the anticipated costs before any work is carried out. Our bench fee is 29€, which covers the initial diagnosis and preparation of your quote, offering a transparent insight into the repair process and costs involved.


We back our motherboard repairs with a robust 90-day warranty. This warranty reflects our confidence in our workmanship and the quality of the repairs we provide. It's our way of ensuring you have complete peace of mind, knowing that your device's functionality is guaranteed long after it leaves our workshop.

For any questions or to discuss your specific repair needs, please feel free to reach out to us. Our team is dedicated to providing expert care and restoring your devices to their optimal condition.

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